DISCUSSION Are you a risk leader? Risk Leaders 2015: Destination Resilience

by Yolanda Villafuerte _______11th November 2015

In today’s world, risk is everywhere. Risk leaders develop comprehensive strategies to anticipate measure and accept risks. This enables them to take on more business risk and better identify strategic opportunities. Today, business leaders will convene at the annual Risk Leaders Conference of the Institute of Risk Management to recognise the shortcomings of current risk management processes and strive to improve them.

Pat Cleverly, Director of Research, Strategy and Policy, Tomorrow’s Company and Mike Clark, Director, Responsible Investment, Russell Investments will be highlighting the critical role that capital markets have in helping to address the many societal challenges we face. These challenges change the risk landscape for companies and investors and will require a different view of how value is often perceived, measured and reported on to gain competitive advantage in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Against this backcloth – what does this mean for risk leaders?

Pat and Mike will discuss how capital markets can and should change to promote the long-term sustainability of companies in ways that are not currently being utilised, referring to our recently published Tomorrow’s Capital Markets report and Tomorrow’s Risk Leadership report.

The Risk Leaders Conference is designed to:


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