Author Francesca Fitzgerald

Doctorates and Dinners

Dear All, July has been a month of progress. Our founder, Mark Goyder, received an honorary doctorate; our research has…

Making a Difference

Dear All, June sees us busy as ever with our work on In-Work Poverty and on Mental Health. In collaboration…

A Northern Soul – Film Screening

Last week we held a film screening and panel discussion of A Northern Soul, hosted by KPMG in collaboration with…

the c-suite podcast #80 – Innovating for long-term success

This episode coincided with the launch of TerraCycle’s groundbreaking LOOP initiative in North America and France.

Featured Voice: Ian Marchant

I think that most organizations are a much bigger force for good than they realise.

March: Roundtables and Research

Dear All, We've been quite busy in the last month...

the c-suite podcast #79 – Rise of the machines

This topic of this episode touches on themes around the effects of AI and the fourth industrial revolution on the...

Featured Voice: Karen Lance

It's all about recognising what skills every young individual has... seeing what an asset they can be.

Featured Voice: Yetunde Hofmann

We, however, are not islands. Why should we be self-serving?

Featured Voice: Helen Buhaenko

We need a social contract that is fair, so that everyone has the chance to progress.