DISCUSSION Businesses need to lead

by Alex Maitland _______22nd August 2016

by Mark Evans, Better Society 

Not-for-profit think-tank Tomorrow’s Company has released a report outlining the need for business to take a greater role in social leadership. The report contents that businesses have collectively lost their voice because people sense that they have no stake the current system.

The report, entitled The need and opportunity for business to lead post Brexit, furthermore states that many of these concerns are justified, but that Brexit offers the opportunity for business to show leadership and regain the public’s trust.

As a background, the report notes that despite many warnings to voters from businesses and business organisations about the risks of a ‘Leave’ vote, the voice of business was largely ignored, and the report speculates (not unreasonably ) that news of BHS, Sports Direct, tax avoidance, wage stagnation, low investment, and high executive pay may have added weight to a lack of trust of business leaders.

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