Financial Inclusion


We know that poverty is corrosive of both human spirit and health. It results in a waste in human potential and performance. Nearly 2.8 million people are in work but living in poverty, and four out of every five low-paid workers fail to escape poverty after ten years in work. How can industry help to find better ways to make work pay? How can we help build financial resilience for those facing in-work poverty? How can we build a movement for change to enable this to happen? We aim to bring about greater financial inclusion, through addressing in-work poverty. We will build a roadmap to financial resilience through affordable and easy to apply tools, products, services, information and education. This will be made accessible through the workplace.

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  • To raise awareness of the nature, scale and impact of financial exclusion in the UK, by bringing together people from across the financial ecosystem in highly participative and innovative ways, getting to the heart of the challenges everyday people face.
  • To form an alliance of leaders, who are committed to finding scalable solutions to these complex issues.
  • To create a financial inclusion Summit in 2019 at which the findings from our research will be shared with a call for further action and support.

To this end, we have formed the Financial Inclusion Alliance (FIA). The FIA will steer the working group, led by Tomorrow’s Company, through a clear purpose, set of deliverables and measures. The FIA provide insights into solution design, shape communications and collaborate with TC to pilot and implement the movement. As ever, our thanks to our alliance members, whose contributions are vital to the work we do.




Our preliminary research looks at the following questions:

  • Who is impacted by in-work poverty?
  • Why are people impacted?
  • How are people impacted?
  • What solutions are already out there?


Going forward, we will conduct a detailed analysis, bringing together data from large financial services organisations and combine this data with information from other sources. We will build up profiles of the unique situations, outlooks and aspirations of people living in in-work poverty, information which will be used in the construction of our roundtables and innovation labs.


Date: May 23 @ 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a film screening and panel discussion, in collaboration with KPMG’s Board Leadership Centre.

A Northern Soul was described by critics as ‘a personal cry for social mobility’. It is a work of radical empathy, touching on both the economic difficulties of the city of Hull, and the contradictions of regeneration through culture.

The event will bring together senior executives and non-executives, regional policy-makers and academics. If you are interested in attending, please do email our Operations Manager, Claire,via or find  more information here.


To discuss findings from our recent research and what businesses can do about in-work poverty, Tomorrow’s Company will hosting a “dinner with a difference”,  an immersive experience into what in work poverty is about and what we could do to start addressing  many of the issues, working within the commercial realities of modern business. Click here for more information.


In June and July we will use the ‘people profiles’ to undertake innovation and design workshops with members of the financial services industry, big employers and relevant charity or expert service organisations.



We will test and iterate this approach with the Financial Inclusion Alliance leaders, leaders from Civil Society, with individuals living with in-work poverty and with big employers. This will produce the final design of a new approach to helping people build financial resilience, which we will then look to use to agree small-scale pilots of these new models with between three and six large-scale employers over an initial three to six-month period.



Our final report will be a write-up of the work undertaken and learnings from the pilots.



At the summit, we will share the insights and learning from each stage of the programme with participation from up to 100 employers, plus leaders from politics, regulators, civil society leaders and influencers. The individual projects and report recommendations will be presented at a summit of leaders from financial services, industry and civil society. This event will bring together leaders from across the financial ecosystem in a highly participative and innovative way. Using a broad range of perspectives to develop greater understanding and honest dialogue, getting to the heart of the challenges people face when living with in-work poverty. We will explore new solutions and create an environment in which people can problem solve and commit to practical action.

On the 16th October 2018, Tomorrow’s Company began this work with a roundtable to discuss these issues. You can find out more about the outcomes of that event here.


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