Discussion Making a Difference

by Francesca Fitzgerald _______10th June 2019

Dear All,

June sees us busy as ever with our work on In-Work Poverty and on Mental Health. In collaboration with KPMG we are also running screenings of A Northern Soul, a fantastic film, described by one critic as “a personal cry for social mobility”. Throughout June and into Summer we are also running our ‘Dinners with a Difference’. We’re excited to share our findings so far with you.

As always, thank you for your support, and do get in touch.

With best wishes, the TC team

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This month, we ran a screening of A Northern Soul. You can find our thoughts on the evening here.

We also kicked off the first of our series of ‘dinners with a difference’, asking employers how they can address the issue of in-work poverty. All insights from our roundtables will feed into our reports and next next phase of innovation work. to read more, click here.

The resources from the dinner are now available – click here to access!


Our latest research and innovation work looks at mental health in the workplace, and aims to support organisations to consider mental health in a different way. In this blog our Researcher, Andrew highlights some of the best books, videos and ideas that are contributing to our research. Read the full blog here.

1) The wrong answers
What happens when companies don’t look after their employees?

2) Leaning in and burning out: a social phenomenon
Burnout isn’t just about the individual – it happens in a social context, and it’s shaped by how we see ourselves and others as well as the organisation where we work.

3) Staying safe
Hear from group director of employee experience at City & Guilds Group on how businesses can make workplaces “psychologically safe”

4) Les miserables
We once expected to live in a semi-utopian world; instead, many workers are unhappier than ever. Read more in Lab Rats: Why Modern Work Makes People Miserable

5) When speaking out backfires
How an employer’s reaction lead to one man resigning from his job


11th June: Gross National Happiness: seminar with the Former Prime Minister of Bhutan, discussing Bhutan’s key metric of Gross National Happiness, hosted by Bates Wells. More info here.

27th June: A Northern Soul: film screening and panel discussion, hosted by KPMG, Leeds

2nd July: Dinner with a difference: Mental Health and productivity – are we asking the right questions? This roundtable, aimed at employers, will discuss what organisations are doing to address mental wellbeing and frame our innovation work going forward.

If you would like to attend any of the events above, please do email claire  claire@tomorrowscompany.com