DISCUSSION Make the journey your own

by Mark Goyder _______19th October 2021

I made a bad decision last week, whilst walking in the Lake District. It was one of those experiences that make one cringe and then ask ‘Will I ever learn?’ I set out to climb a demanding mountain in the Western lakes.  I had looked at the map and all the options in the guidebook. I was clear what route I was going to take and why.  Then, near the start of my expedition, I met another walker, someone who lived locally. ‘Yes’, he told me, ‘your route is all very well. But I would suggest you go a different route. That’s my favourite.’

So I abandoned my plan.  I followed his advice. An hour later, I realised I had missed a vital landmark, deviated from the route he had recommended and was too far from the route I had planned. The promising path on which I had embarked gave way to a steep scramble through loose scree and impenetrable heather. In the end I had to turn back, in order to get home before dark, bitterly disappointed at the way my afternoon had turned out.

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