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As a Tomorrow’s Company partner, your organisation will gain access to a powerful network of organisations, focused on achieving a long-term approach that serves the interests of employees and society as well as their shareholders. Investing in change takes time, money and resources. Creating a movement takes passion, commitment and connections. By working with Tomorrow’s Company you can do both.

Our partners provide the practical grounding to our research and the network of advocates to achieve change. Our role is to support partners on their journey to achieving success through a focus on purpose, values, relationships and the long-term. We would like to thank our existing partners who continue to support this important work.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in Tomorrow’s Company and our work, would like to find out more, or have any questions, please contact Claire Dobson ( or 0207 8394040).

Our impact and influence comes from the strength of our community of businesses and other organisations, and the individuals who work within them. We partner with companies, investors, professional services, representative organisations, government, NGOs and academic institutions to provide a unique space for organisations to collaborate, influence and learn.

This community provides the practical grounding to our research and the network of advocates to achieve change. Our role is to support partners on their journey to achieving success through a focus on purpose, values, relationships and the long-term.

We engage with our community in a variety of ways:

Expertise and insight: We offer access to the collective knowledge of our community through reports, guides, tool-kits and regular conversations with the Tomorrow’s Company team.

Captivating events: We hold regular roundtables, forums and events for our partners with provocations from CEOs, Chairs and industry experts.

Collaboration with peers: We offer partners the opportunity to join forces to understand, find solutions and take action on areas of leadership, governance and stewardship which encourage a long-term business approach.

To find out more or become a partners, please get in touch with Claire Dobson ( or 0207 8394040).


What our community says about us:

“You inspire me. I read everything that Tomorrows Company produces. I see it as my essential guidance on what’s coming next and what best practice will look like. I commend the work of Tomorrow’s Company to many friends and colleagues across the USA and your membership here deserves to grow. When I discovered Tomorrow’s Company I really felt like I was home.”
Margaret Foran Chief Governance Officer, VP and Corporate Secretary Prudential Financial Inc

“Congratulations to Tomorrow’s Company on producing this wonderful and very comprehensive report. I commend both its vision and its practical thinking  and will be sharing it with colleagues and the many people with whom I am working to promote capitalism for the long term.”
Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

“The true measure of Tomorrow’s Company’s achievements has been that so many of those achievements are now taken for granted.”
Sir Adrian Cadbury

“Over the years Tomorrow’s Company has done some ground-breaking work with various companies on the role of companies in society. It is stimulating to work with them.”
Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chairman, Hermes EOS

“Under-pinned by the courage to raise and air difficult issues, Tomorrow’s Company is a unique combination of think-tank and conscience. They elicit the challenge and spontaneity that can only come from individuals, who return to influence and steer their company in a more rounded and human way.”
Lady Susan Rice CBE, former Managing Director, Lloyds Banking Group Scotland

“The think tank Tomorrow’s Company is five years ahead of the pack in looking at what is needed in governance terms to make British companies sustainable wealth creators.”
Anthony Hilton, Evening Standard

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