Our Patrons

Our Patrons are a community of like-minded and influential individuals who come together in the conviction that business can and must be a force for good in society.

Becoming a Patron is a personal statement of support for the essential role we play in setting a new agenda for business, whatever institutional or other association the Patron may have with us. Patrons support Tomorrow’s Company in different ways according to their own situation. Some have no time but are happy to make a charitable donation which strengthens our future capacity to undertake long-term and independent research. Others use act as advocates and ambassadors, making valuable introductions and spreading awareness of our agenda. Others advise on our research and agenda-setting. Some help with communications or mentoring.

If you are interested in becoming a patron of Tomorrow’s Company, please speak to Claire Dobson (claire@tomorrowscompany.com or 0207 8394040).