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Roma Fiseha


Roma Fiseha is an Essex University student, studying Politics and Philosophy and entering into her final year. She’s been involved in community organising for 10 years and is extremely passionate about tackling social issues, such as housing, wage poverty, homelessness, voter registration and racism. Roma was awarded Young Leader of the Year 2014 by Citizens UK for her work in mobilising and empowering young people to make informed decisions in politics through registering all 1,100 eligible students in her college to vote in time for the Local Elections. She also ran a radio show called ‘Youth and Politics’ for two years, with support from Migrants Organise. Roma started up her own campaign with a friend at the age of 16 aiming to address the verbal and physical abuse that homeless people face called ‘Homeless Still Human’. The campaign was made up of young people aged 16-20 and focused on allowing people on the streets to voice their stories and humanising them in order to reduce the amount of violence against homeless people, and ran for a year and a half. Having initiated and chaired many meetings with large companies such as Heathrow and the BBC, Roma has extensively worked on ensuring employees are paid a Living Wage in order for staff to have a decent quality of life and afford the necessities.


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