Publication 2020 Stewardship: Improving the quality of investor stewardship

by Luke Robinson _______1st March 2012

Executive Summary

‘2020 Stewardship’ – Improving the quality of investor stewardship

The UK has the world’s first code for investor stewardship. Improving the quality and quantity of investor stewardship will help make the code a working reality. 20/20 vision is needed to clarify what is meant by investor stewardship and to find ways to help investors and companies put this into practice building on many years of progress in UK corporate governance. Introducing value-adding stewardship programmes takes time but we anticipate full and effective implementation will have been achieved by 2020. Our ideas are aimed at the UK, but we believe that they will be of value in other markets.

The findings in this report represent both our own experience and what we have learnt from our dialogues with companies and representative organisations.