Publication Is this Progress? Our new inquiry

With the power that Google brings to every desktop, we are awash with data and anyone can access research. Combined with social media, it is easy to see how we have created a world of instant opinion, snap judgements and decision-making by Twitter.

Whilst this instant access can produce the wisdom of the crowd, it can also result in bland conformity and unthinkable outcomes. What it cannot produce is deeper discernment about what things mean in context and why things matter. Nor can it look to the future and see how events occurring today may combine to form patterns that will influence our world for many years ahead.

If you are leading an organisation, this presents you with a dilemma. You are stretched for time and resource, and need to move quickly, but how do you ensure you are moving in the right direction?

tomorrow’s company provides leaders with far-sighted and relevant insight about difficult issues. We help you and your teams to think beyond the ‘accepted wisdom of the moment’, and move to a distinctive place, based on deeper insight and a breadth of human dialogue. We believe these insights will help your business to move forward and make the difficult choices we all face with greater clarity and heightened confidence.

We have built a reputation for high standards of research developed over 25 years. Our research is grounded in meaningful conversations with practitioners, leaders, influencers and implementers who have to make things happen. This is made possible through our highly collaborative approach which, combined with huge convening power, has meant that we can get you quickly to the heart of the matter.

We now add a restless desire to explore, experiment and innovate. Looking forward in this way creates a powerful mix which an independent corporate think tank can bring any progressive business. Our goal is to shape the way organisations of tomorrow think, work and act, inspiring and enabling business to be a force for good.

Working with tomorrow’s company will not help you predict the future but it will help your organisation to better prepare for it. Our prospectus is seeking investment of time and funds from those leaders who recognise that the world is shifting on its axis. Please download it, and we hope you will join us in shaping a radical new agenda.

Norman Pickavance

CEO, Tomorrow’s Company