Publication Leading and Managing in the New Economy

by Luke Robinson _______4th August 2002

Executive Summary

This report is written by Christopher Gamblin, Alison Gamblin, Peter Mayes and Sarah Cowley. Its aim is to understand the impact of changes in the economy on the way organisations are led and managed in the Twenty-first Century. Some of the questions we address are: What is essential for success in today’s climate? Has the pace of technology change seen a commensurate change in the way we work? What type of leader is needed for success?

The directors or senior representatives of over 30 UK based organisations were interviewed. The majority comprised large, blue chip companies.

The report concludes that the new economy is a place for bold moves. To become, and remain successful requires a major shift in the way organisations are managed and led. Leaders will have to take on new competencies while still retaining those they bring with them. Success will come from managing the accompanying tensions and paradoxes by engaging new business models. The creator organisations show how this can be done, but there is no simple ‘one-size fits all’ approach to change. Understanding whether an organisation is a defender, developer or a creator is a first step to securing enduring success in the new economy.