Publication Releasing Voice for sustainable business success

by Luke Robinson _______4th November 2012

Executive Summary

This research, ‘Releasing voice for sustainable business success’ produced by the Involvement and Participation Association (IPA) and Tomorrow’s Company examines employee voice and its crucial role in our modern economy.

The research builds on our initial report, ‘Rethinking Voice’ and is based on in-depth case studies, a large survey of employers and analysis of annual reports. It focuses on how organisations help their employees to speak up, the conditions that have to be in place for voice to flourish, and the contribution it can make to business success.

It demonstrates the potential of voice to deliver sustainable business success; through increasing engagement, improving decision making and driving innovation. We show that for voice to work effectively, organisations need to ensure they both get the culture and behaviours right, and put in place the structures and processes for employees to express voice. We call for a paradigm shift in our relationships at work, arguing that without active, confident and vocal employees companies and organisations will not be able to achieve sustainable business success.

Our Project Partners: BAEBG, CentricaHSBCIAC GroupUnipart GroupTowers WatsonTUI Travel

Our Knowledge Partner Towers Watson published a compelling paper describing why employee voice matters in successful organisations and what are the best ways of measuring it. You can read their paper here.

Working in partnership with IPA and Tomorrow’s Company on the project, Concentra undertook analysis of the annual reports of FTSE 100 companies and data from The results can be seen on their interactive data visualisation platform Orgvue.

Please find below the links to the case studies.

Case study: BAE Systems

Case study: Sainsbury’s

Case study: TUI Travel

Case study: Unipart

Case study: Prudential

Case study: United Welsh