Publication The Invisible Elephant & The Pyramid Treasure

by Luke Robinson _______1st May 2012

Executive Summary

This report looks at the unprecedented change in the demands of leadership and the need for leaders who prioritise the true stakeholders of their organisations – customers, employees, suppliers, the community, the planet, and the shareholders – rather than putting personal reward first.

The report titled The Invisible Elephant & the Pyramid Treasure: Tomorrow’s Leadership – the transpersonal journey’ sets out a journey towards the type of leadership that is a better fit for this future – ‘Transpersonal Leadership’ developed from 13 years of experience of working with senior leaders.

The report was authored by John Knights, Chairman of LeaderShape, and published by Tomorrow’s Company, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), PwC UK, Tata and Korn Ferry Whitehead Mann.

If leadership is the ‘Invisible Elephant’ in the room, so we dare to believe this work of John Knights’ is a hidden gem that can not only reveal but also change what leadership is, means and needs to be for the 21st century.

The real wealth of insight – ‘the pyramid treasure’ – is contained in the ‘Eight Integral Competencies of Leadership’, which forms the heart of the work.  It plots a course from the personal along a pathway to ‘Transpersonal – beyond the ego Leadership’, that recognises the needs of others. Along this road we develop compassion and wisdom, wit and humour, deep insight and the courage needed for those who are leading now and in the future.