Publication Tomorrow’s Business Success: Using integrated reporting to help create value and effectively tell the full story

by Luke Robinson _______3rd July 2014

Executive Summary

Business success has never been more important – 37 of the world’s largest economies are corporations. The global market place is on the threshold of the next wave of technological innovation. Taking the best possible decisions in the face of increasing volatility, complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity, is tough but vital.

Global companies must create value for the short, medium and long-term. But they are doing this in an environment where there is a general lack of trust in businesses; pressures favouring immediate rewards; and the need to integrate many different sources of value spanning borders, cultures and generations.

Being able to excel in telling your value creation story will therefore be an increasing source of competitive advantage – that’s the main conclusion we have drawn from talking with senior business leaders across the world, supported by dialogues, research and other data. We are grateful to the many chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, investors and others who have contributed to this guide.

Tomorrow’s Business Success – Using Integrated Reporting to help create value and effectively tell the full story – is written for chairmen CEOs, CFOs and other members of boards and executive committees to support business leaders in achieving business success.

For the IIRC, the guide has been commissioned to understand how Integrated Reporting () can be of greatest value for business leaders – and how best to state the case forputting the needs of those leaders first.

For CIMA, this guide is part of a commitment to support the future performance of organisations by CFOs and others in the Management Accounting teams globally.

For Tomorrow’s Company, this guide takes forward our mission to shape the future of business success to build lasting value, learning from and with those living day-to-day with achieving this in practice.

We are in no doubt thatoffers a new opportunity and the best possible way now available to tell the value creation story – by drawing on existing information to succinctly bring together insights and information from across the business for investors and others.

is a journey. While all the answers are not yet available, from our discussions with those who are already on the way they are already seeing benefits.

We want it to be clear that this is not simply another reporting initiative, but rather a step change for boards and executives in having the information that they need to lead.

We invite you to read this guide and, we hope, to draw on the ‘tool-kit’ to help lead a discussion with your colleagues so that together you can judge howcan help the future success of your business.