Publication Tomorrow’s Chairman

by Luke Robinson _______1st July 2014

Executive Summary

Tomorrow’s Chairman celebrates and explores what makes for great chairmen, now and in the future. It has been developed by the Good Governance Forum in partnership with the Chairmen’s Forum through the generous support of many. The letters format provides a simple device which captures how someone with many years’ experience might hand over to a less experienced successor. He or she invites experienced board participants to identify issues about their own relationship with the chairman. In total the letters form a rounded view of the combined leadership of the board, and suggest some of the different perspectives that should be round the boardroom table.

We are serialising the letters in partnership with the Financial Times NED Club and will release them across the late summer and autumn beginning on the 10th of July 2014.

Our first letter is from an experienced chairman to a new chairman, with the experienced chairman referring to the advice he received as he himself took on his first chairmanship. The letter builds on several key themes, among them:

Please find below the link to the letters:

Letter 1: From a Chairman

Letter 2: From a Chief Executive

Letter 3: From an Institutional Investor

Letter 4: From a Chief Financial Officer

Letter 5: From a Company Secretary

Letter 6: From a Senior Independent Director

Letter 7: From a Non-Executive Director

Letter 8: From an Audit Committee Chairman

Letter 9: From a Nomination Committee Chairman

Letter 10: From a Remuneration Committee Chairman

Letter 11: From Jonathon Porritt

Letter 12: From Fiona Reynolds

Letter 13: From Kevin Murray

Letter 14: From a Risk Committee Chairman