Publication Tomorrow’s Finance

by Luke Robinson _______4th May 2012

Executive Summary

Tomorrow’s Finance is a programme of lectures and other events being organised by Tomorrow’s Company in partnership with Miton Group plc. Together we are inviting some of the most senior and thoughtful figures from and about finance to consider what is the purpose of finance and is the finance sector fit for purpose? The lectures will be challenging, often controversial, and always stimulating and enjoyable.

The aim of this programme is to provide a platform for radical ideas for how the financial system should evolve in the future to the benefit of savers, companies and the wider society – ideas which can help address the shortcomings of the system we have today, create a new architecture for the institutions required to fulfill business and society’s needs over the coming decades and ensure the financial industry is seen as a force for good.

In so doing we are building on issues raised at our lecture in February 2012 given by Gervais Williams, Managing Director, Miton Funds plc at Mansion House. Gervais is author of the well-received ‘Slow Finance’ which focusses on the types of businesses that banks and other financial institutions should finance, the criteria they should adopt and above all the nature of the relationships which can best secure long term returns.

Please find below the link to all the lectures and events.

‘Public good’ by Colin Melvin

‘Regulation: but is it effective?’ by David Pitt Watson

‘Sustainable capitalism’ by David Blood

‘Building trust’ by John Kay

‘Comply or explain’ by Guy Jubb

‘How to make finance socially useful’ by Matthew Bishop

‘Finance as a for for good’ by Katherine Garrett-Cox

‘Of Markets and men’ by James Featherby

Lecture by Gervais Williams


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