Publication Tomorrow’s Global Leaders: How to build a culture that ensures women reach the top

by Luke Robinson _______1st March 2014

Executive Summary

Join leading businesses in the Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Forum to achieve success through creating an inclusive culture.

Businesses need to harness the talent of all to succeed. How do we address the leaky pipeline of talented women leaving organisations before they can reach the top? How do we change the governance and leadership of business so as to unleash the power of diversity?

In our report, Tomorrow’s Global Leaders: How to build a culture that ensures women reach the top, we examine how behaviour is shaped and what changes are needed to ensure that companies benefit from women, together with men, in achieving their full potential.

The forum takes forward the finding and insights of the report, to develop practice, drive the agenda, and contribute to the development of business tools.

The culture of organisations can only, ultimately, be changed by men and women working together over years and across generations. Our vision is of an inclusive culture that develops and harnesses the talent of all, as laid out in the report.

The Forum is developing the work which has so far been undertaken with Tomorrow’s Company, together with leading businesses and networks such as British Airways, BAE Systems, EY, Kingfisher, National Grid, Linklaters, Lloyds Banking Group, City Women Network and Women in Banking and Finance.

The Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Forum is a very special group of leading organisations and senior individuals who will lead a high quality conversation around organisational change and development within HR and beyond. Members of the Forum include ACCA, Adnams, EY, Linklaters, National Grid and Pertemps.

Tomorrow’s Global Leaders brings a fresh perspective, challenges our preconceptions around meritocracy and offers the opportunity to participate in the development of new solutions.

Lady Susan Rice CBE, Managing Director, Lloyds Banking Group Scotland

The purpose of the forum is to learn from and promote good practice, develop tool-kits to support implementation, and create a leadership community and learning zone which consolidates our efforts, builds momentum and reinforces other related initiatives and networks. We will incorporate other aspects of diversity as agreed to be effective and relevant.

The forum will support and grow the existing collaboration built as part of the work for the report making it more effective by creating new links, new partnerships and shared understanding to inform, shape and drive individual and corporate decision making and behaviour.

Tomorrow’s Company with the support of our key partners is well placed to contribute to current thinking and practice on leadership and talent in part as a result of the work we have done but, perhaps more importantly, through our convening power in working with others.

To encourage suitable engagement, we will bring together:

The Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Forum is about leadership, cultural change and consorted action. We would very much like you to be a part of the Forum and help us to shape the future of business success.