Publication Tomorrow’s Global Talent: A new talent agenda for the UK

by Luke Robinson _______4th February 2010

Executive Summary

Developed in conjunction with the Talent & Enterprise Taskforce, this paper situates the content of the report on global trends in the context of the UK. With contributions from Sir Mike Rake, Chairman of BT; Lucy Parker, Chair of the Taskforce, and insights from the Global Fellows, the paper is intended to shape and inform the understanding of key players in this country about the talent challenge for the UK.

This report argues that the UK’s history and deeply embedded culture and mindset gives it a legacy that threatens to hold it back from seizing the new opportunities presented – what we call a ‘fortress mentality’. There is a tendency to look inwards rather than outwards, to dwell on past achievements rather than future opportunities which are global in nature.

World class UK companies have a global mindset and strong global leadership underpinned by globally focussed talent management practices – they have developed a ‘talent for being global’.

Other UK companies, their people and the various institutions which regulate and influence their activities need to achieve the same fundamental shift in mindset. An important task for all leaders is to build the motivation to succeed by emphasising social and environmental objectives as well as economic ones, creating a common and compelling sense of national purpose, recognising that this will be the route to future prosperity and success.

Without this there is the danger that the UK will become increasing disconnected in an ever connected world, and will find itself on the fringes of value creation in the future.