Publication Tomorrow’s Global Talent: How will leading global companies create value through people?

by Luke Robinson _______4th February 2009

Executive Summary

Talent, we argue, is all around us waiting to be unleashed. Contrary to popular belief and practice we argue that ‘talent’ should not be seen as a rare quality, but a diverse, multifaceted one that exists in everyone; it is abundant. It is a nice quirk of the English language that talent is an anagram of latent; underlining our view that much talent remains hidden and undiscovered.

How will leading companies create value through people?

Talent has never been more important – our programme, Tomorrow’s Global Talent, looks at who has it, where it is, how it can be harnessed and engaged.

The triple context shapes how business must operate: achieving economic success, strengthening society and respecting the environment – being a force for good.

A new mindset must recognise we all have talent, and that talent is not just about the ‘top’ tiers. A new talent mindset for a new age: the age of sustainability.