DISCUSSION Stewardship Asia Roundtable and Forum 2015: Building on Asia’s Strength

by Yolanda Villafuerte _______23rd June 2015

Mark Goyder, founder and CEO of Tomorrow’s Company, has been invited to Singapore to participate in the roundtable on 24th June 2015, and lead a discussion in the forum on the subject ‘Stewardship at Work – Experience and Practices’, chairing a panel which includes business leaders and investors from China, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Vietnam. Tomorrow’s Company has been one of Stewardship Asia’s Strategic Partners. Mark Goyder is co-author with Ong Boon Hwee in a series of articles in Singapore’s Business Times (read here: 1, 2, 3). In October Mark will also be delivering a keynote speech at the annual conference of the Securities Investors’ Association in Singapore.

Tomorrow’s Company’s work on investor stewardship and capital markets has stimulated wide interest, through the creation of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment and the UK’s Stewardship Code and more recently through our fresh approach to board nominations. Find more about our work on stewardship here.


About Stewardship Asia Roundtable

The Stewardship Asia Roundtable brings together the region’s influential business leaders and thinkers for a dynamic exchange of ideas on advocating sound stewardship and governance in their organisations and businesses. By invitation only, this exclusive platform will allow steward-leaders to mutually share experience and best-in-class practices in promoting stewardship and governance applications which will responsibly create wealth for stakeholders and benefit the larger community over the long term.

The event will commence in the morning with a sharing by prominent speakers on stewardship perspectives and action. Session two will allow participants to lend their thoughts and insights as part of the roundtable discussion. The Roundtable participants will proceed to join the Forum programme which will begin with a networking lunch featuring a distinguished speaker, followed by a vibrant format of notable speaker sessions and an expert panel discussion. The Forum will close with a networking tea reception


About Stewardship Asia Forum

The Stewardship Asia Forum provides a high-level mutual-learning and networking platform for business leaders across Asia from companies, organisations and institutions which are committed to sound stewardship and corporate governance. By invitation only, the delegates would be from a spectrum of the stewardship landscape including owners, asset managers, board directors and senior management of corporations, family-owned businesses, institutional investors and state-owned enterprises. The Forum programme commences with a networking lunch featuring a distinguished speaker, followed by a vibrant format of notable speaker sessions and an expert panel discussion, and the Forum will close with a networking tea reception.


About Stewardship Asia Centre

Stewardship Asia aims to foster effective stewardship and governance amongst businesses and leaders. Based in Singapore, it is a thought-leadership centre that collaborates with credible partners globally on capacity-building amongst organisations and business leaders in Asia. The Centre works with state-owned enterprises, corporations, family-based businesses, institutional investors as well as non-profit organisations. Through its forum and knowledge platforms, the Centre promotes and propagates the sharing and mutual learning of concepts and practices that would make a difference to organisations in responsible wealth creation and also in contributing to the well-being of the larger community over the long term.  We are committed on this journey with like-minded organisations and leaders to contribute to building businesses that can thrive and grow, and creating the landscape for good stewardship across Asia.

For more information, please follow this link.

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