Governance, Boards and Stewardship


Corporate governance is a key research theme for Tomorrow’s Company. For several years we ran the Good Governance Forum, a powerful network of directors, chairs, company secretaries and governance experts, and captured their experiences and perspectives.  We have also produced a range of practical guides and research outputs on key issues such as board purpose, culture and values, and the role of the NED. To read more about our work in this area, including the Good Governance Forum, the case for the ‘Board mandate’, and a guide to improving boardroom conversation, click here.


Boards are operating in ever more complex and challenging business environments, and are under greater scrutiny than ever before. The recent challenges and changes to corporate governance also present an opportunity for boards, to lead their organisations in ways that promote trust, transparency, support the environment, and as custodians of the company ensuring its resilience for the longer term.

Building on our historical work into boards we now ask what boards of tomorrow will and should look like? Click here to read more.


Stewardship is the golden thread that connects us all in the system – individuals and our advisors, pension trustees, insurance companies, fund managers and others all along the chain, and the regulators and lawmakers who set and enforce the rules. We all have a responsibility to leave our work, organisation, community and world a better place. Read more about our work on Stewardship.



Since the publication of the original RSA inquiry Tomorrow’s Company in 1995 we have advocated an approach which creates value for shareholders and society through a focus on purpose, values and relationships. Click here to read more.