Discussion the c-suite podcast #79 – Rise of the machines

by Francesca Fitzgerald _______15th March 2019

Tomorrow’s Company has a partnership with the c-suite podcast, a monthly show covering topics like marketing, communications & innovation, employee engagement & HR, social mobility, diversity, and mental health & wellbeing, to name a few.

This topic of this episode touches on themes around the effects of AI and the fourth industrial revolution on the workplace, specifically focusing on the world of asset management.

Show 79, ‘Fintech Interactive Forum – Asset management: Rise of the machines‘, was produced in partnership with CFA UK from their Fintech Interactive Forum, ‘Asset management: Rise of the machines’, at the offices of Inmarsat in London. Russell Goldsmith spoke to a number of the speakers from the event including:
– Mikey Shulman, Head of Machine Learning at Kensho
– Vinay Jayaram, CEO and co-founder of Envizage
– Julie Chakraverty, CEO and founder of Rungway
– Yasin Rosowsky, Head of AI Research at Arabesque
– Clare Flynn Levy, Founder and CEO, Essentia Analytics
– Tim Grant, CEO, DrumG Technologies
– Geoff Kates, CEO, HTF Group

This episode was produced in partnership with CFA UK. https://www.cfauk.org/