DISCUSSION Trust in Business

by Yolanda Villafuerte _______5th March 2016

After a spate of recent scandals, public trust in business is arguably at an all-time low. But the disruptive economy and shifting societal attitudes offer hope for the business community to win back trust, as IoD director general Simon Walker and 10 leaders discussed on 21st January 2016

Trust in business: the panel

Host: Simon Walker, Director general, IoD
Alison Kay Global vice chair, industries, EY
Mark Goyder, Founder director, Tomorrow’s Company
Ronan Dunne, Chief executive officer,Telefónica UK
Heather Jackson, Executive chair/founder, An Inspirational Journey
Michaela Goetz, Director, brand marketing, Intel
Lucy Carver, Bigger Picture, Sky
Geraldine Huse, VP general manager, customer business development, Procter & Gamble
Dr Ines Wichert, Head of D&I Centre of Excellence, IBM Smarter Workforce
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