Video Tomorrow’s Company interviewing: Antony Jenkins, former CEO, Barclays

by Luke Robinson _______9th June 2016

As part of the newly released report UK Business: What’s wrong? What’s next? Tomorrow’s Company is interviewing a number of senior business leaders to get their perspective on purpose and values, relationships and the long term and how these apply to their business.

On 17th May 2016 we held a discussion event with Antony Jenkins, former CEO of Barclays, on risk aversion and the boardroom, where shared his views on how greater alignment of goals can be created between investors, the board and executive. You can read the full interview here.

Antony Jenkins argues that it is fundamental for all stakeholders to understand the context in which the end price is operating. Technology such as artificial intelligence presents wonderful opportunities but also profound challenges for companies and societies. For this reason, leaders and boards have to focus on agility and capabilities.

Overall, Antony’s message for the investment institution is that it is in the investors’ interest to look for companies that understand context, are building capability, are articulate about their leadership challenges and how they are using culture to drive organizational performance. At the end of the day those activities are what builds long term shareholder value.