Video Tomorrow’s Company interviewing: Mike Wilson CBE, Life President, St James’s Place

by Luke Robinson _______27th June 2016

As part of the newly released report UK Business: What’s wrong? What’s next? Tomorrow’s Company is interviewing a number of senior business leaders to get their perspective on purpose and values, relationships and the long term and how these apply to their business.

Mike Wilson highlights the importance of people as the key ingredient for the success of St James’s Place (SJP). He goes on to describe the uniqueness and advantages of having the Partnership as the single body selling their products. This translates into face-to-face advice, and consequently business growth is mainly based on recommendations from existing clients.

SJP’s strong belief in personal relationships is core to the company’s culture, and the example comes right from the top. Mike gives a few examples of how SJP takes care of their people and has complete buy-in since day one. In turn, this would explain why 20% of employees believe that the SJP’s Foundation is the single biggest factor that contributes towards the company’s culture.

Mike finishes the interview by arguing that building trust is probably one of the main challenges facing the investment industry as we stand today.