Video What is progress?

by Michael Wise _______28th September 2018

Voices of Progress is our latest inquiry. We co-sponsored an event – All Our Futures – at Bootham School in York on June 11th 2018, in which sixth formers listened to a group of speakers, each of whom presented a vision of the future.

Subject matters that were touched upon included: the exponential growth of technologies such as AI; the environment and the circular economy; health and wellbeing; work and careers; and the unpredictability of geo-politics.

Afterwards, the pupils were asked to put together a new syllabus that reflected the changes they had heard about and might better prepare future schoolchildren for an ever-changing world.

Meanwhile, we asked those taking part what progress means to them. We are now extending our inquiry to a much wider cross-section of the population, with the aim of understanding whether the very notion of progress has changed, or is changing.