Voices of Progress

We are starting with a major new piece of research into the voice of the stakeholder. We want to hear from a wide range of voices in addition to business leaders – everyone from investors and innovators, doctors and nurses, bus drivers, students, lawyers, refugees, homeless people, social enterprises and large corporates, academics and artists, politicians, fruit pickers, entrepreneurs and small businesses. How are your lives, hopes and expectations for the future changing and what is progress for you? We want to know what you think of progress, and how business can contribute.

We have already started with 100 seventeen year olds in Yorkshire, discussing what the future holds and what they think progress looks like. This is the beginning of a national dialogue with people across many walks of life, ages and situations.

In these interviews we want to know what progress means for individuals, for the organisations they work in and with, and for society. We believe that ideas of progress have changed dramatically and that this fundamentally changes attitudes to capitalism, wealth creation and businesses’ role in society.
We will compile the outputs of these conversations and use them to stimulate discussions, engender reactions, reflections and revelations. We will be holding a series of discussions with the chairs of British business, as well as a series of leadership forums, with the participation of leaders from business and civic society. These will explore the multiple realities of stakeholders’ lives, discuss what this might mean and go on to generate new ideas about the potential contributions of business towards stakeholders’ visions of progress.

The Voices of Progress data combined with additional tomorrow’s company research insights, will produce a report for business leaders, policy makers and government on the emerging outlook of a new generation of stakeholders. We will also be curating an exhibition of voices, and developing video and audio outputs and events.

We want to hear from you! To get involved or nominate a Voice of Progress email claire@tomorrowscompany.com or scarlett@tomorrowscompany.com