Our Approach

Our four stage approach is designed to drive conversation from ideas to action. It is our view that there is frequently a huge amount of discussion around issues, but far too little action. Why has there been so little progress? In highly competitive markets, traditional business models, siloed thinking and stand alone approaches have failed to address what amount to highly complex and interrelated issues. We believe that unlocking breakthrough innovations in these areas will only happen if we collaborate across industry and work together with civic society.


We create a core steering group of key business leaders who are committed to addressing the issues at hand.
We conduct baseline research to support our overall aims, scoping the challenge and the opportunities it presents. This is a multi-disciplinary approach include analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, roundtables, expert interviews and conversations with relevant wider communities


The steering group and people within their organisations, along with Tomorrow’s Company run engagement programmes including Live Lab events, other collaborations and meeting with civil society leaders and social innovators.

We facilitate these large-scale collaborative events to develop new solutions, connect people and start to build a vision for the future.


Through inquiry and engagement we develop innovation. This will include outlining the systemic issues inhibiting progress, together developing a series of practical solutions that help to stimulate a different dialogue. We will look to scale these innovations and encourage large organisations to pilot them, or sponsor their development.


We will look to convert this work: from a series of interventions to a movement-building platform. This includes developing our insights into substantive reports that will capture the process and outcomes, presenting the findings to government and other policy makers, using social and other creative media, and seeking to raise support for future development of ideas and innovation.