Promoting long-term wealth: reshaping corporate governance Radical change in the boardroom is needed to restore the public’s trust in business and to tackle attitudes of...

Bringing employee voice into the boardroom

In this report we present two options of how employee voice can be increased in company governance structures.

Response to BIS Select Committee corporate governance inquiry

Tomorrow’s Company welcomes the BIS Select Committee inquiry. Despite many improvements in corporate governance over the last few decades there...

Governing Culture: Risk & Opportunity?

This guide helps boards determine how they might approach the key questions around culture.

Improving board evaluation for greater board effectiveness

Board evaluation is an integral part of corporate governance and helps boards operate more effectively. To further the still evolving...

Report & Survey: The need and opportunity for business to lead post Brexit

This paper sets out some simple actions that companies could take to provide leadership post Brexit.

UK Business: What’s wrong? What’s next?

This report is the outcome of the Futures Project that reviewed progress in UK business over the last 20 years...

Discussion with Antony Jenkins, former CEO of Barclays

Risk aversion and the boardroom - how greater alignment of goals can be created between investors, the board and executive

Tomorrow’s Compliance Solutions

As part of the Tomorrow’s Company Futures Project, we brought together a group of business and finance leaders and their stakeholders...

Futures Project: The East Anglian dinner series

The approach we take to making companies successful affects everything we do and everything we value as a society. Too...