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Our projects

We conduct large-scale and ambitious workstreams that bring together our focus on research and innovation. Currently we are conducting a major inquiry called ‘Is this Progress?  Out of that we are kicking off a series of projects including In-work Poverty, Mental Health, Truth, Trust and Transparency, and Education.

Underpinning our projects is our work on Governance, Boards and Stewardship. This builds on our 25 years of work in this area and is behind all our work.


Our events

We believe that communication and collaboration are key to achieving real progress. To facilitate that, we organise events, to encourage discussion and gain insight into our partner and stakeholder perspectives.

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Our publications

Our projects culminate in the summary of all of our research: publications. Here, you can read about our key projects from previous years, on topics including purpose, governance, stewardship and leadership.





Nearly 2.8 million people are in work but living in poverty, and four out of every five low-paid workers fail to escape poverty after ten years in work. How can industry help to find better ways to make work pay? How can we help build financial resilience for those facing in-work poverty? How can we build a movement for change to enable this to happen? 

Through 2019 we held roundtable events and innovation labs with employers, providers of financial wellbeing products, and other experts in financial inclusion. The final report was launched on 30th January 2020 at a Financial Inclusion Summit, hosted by the City of London. The final publication can be found here.

Modern life is impacting our mental wellbeing, reducing our resilience and ability to cope with change. Of the 32 million people in work in the UK today, approaching 20 million have experienced mental health issues of one sort or other because of work. Most business programmes, while stepping in the right direction, are still largely reactive, or not aligned with people or business strategy. Changes need to be made. Read about our approach here.

It is our view that concerns about truth, trust and transparency and how they are interconnected underpin some of the greatest challenges modern businesses face. This is happening across sectors: governance, investors, asset managers and all members of the investor ‘chain’, insurance, accountancy, CSR, media and PR, as well as business more broadly. We believe that unlocking innovations and effecting change will only happen if we collaborate across industry and by working together with civic society. Read more here.

Corporate governance is a key research theme for Tomorrow’s Company. For several years we ran the Good Governance Forum, a powerful network of directors, chairs, company secretaries and governance experts, and captured their experiences and perspectives.  We have also produced a range of practical guides and research outputs on key issues such as board purpose, culture and values, and the role of the NED. To read more about our work in this area, including the Good Governance Forum, the case for the ‘Board mandate’, and a guide to improving boardroom conversation, click here.


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