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21.11.2018 Mental Health Roundtable

On the 22nd November, Tomorrow’s Company hosted a roundtable to create a space for discussion between business leaders, NGOs and individuals, and to gain insight to build and drive our investigation and subsequent research paths and actions. Thanks once again to all who attended. Special thanks to our speakers, who had a massive impact on us and, we imagine, everyone else there. We also hope you enjoyed a lively discussion and felt, as we did, that there is a pressing need to do more to progress this vitally important agenda. We believe that collaboration between organisations and civil society is essential to make real, practical difference. Business needs to be at the heart of the agenda, to act in unison and to be making a tangible difference if we are to regain trust. You can find a summary of the event here, and more information about our plan for our next steps here. If you would like to get involved with this or any of Tomorrow’s Company’s other initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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