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Announcement: Pat Cleverly

Dear Tomorrow's Company Community, After over 18 years of dedicated work in pursuit of our vision, and having seen her successor, Laurie Fitzjohn Sykes, successfully established, Pat Cleverly has decided to step down from her formal employment with Tomorrow’s Company at the end of August. I would like to acknowledge the formidable contribution Pat has made to date as Director of Research. Her many achievements include her development of our thought leadership agenda and leading the research for and drafting of reports including Employee Ownership in Tomorrow's Company; Restoring Trust: Investment in the twenty first century; Tomorrow’s Global Company: challenges and choices; Tomorrow's Innovation, Risk and Governance; Tomorrow’s Global Talent; Tomorrow’s Relationships; Tomorrow’s Business Forms; Tomorrow’s Capital Markets; Tomorrows Global Leaders – how to create a culture in which women reach the top; Tomorrow’s Risk Leadership and the many other outputs of the Good Governance Forum. During most of this time she served as Director of Research, Policy and Strategy, contributing across the complete range of skills to the work of the TC management team. Pat stepped back from her role as Director of Research a year ago. Since then she has continued to lead our work on the Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Forum, and has worked for us with the City Values Forum on our practical guide on Governing Culture. She has also seen through the completion of the work on Board Evaluation which is due to be published in September. I am pleased to say that after taking a well-deserved break Pat will continue her close association with TC in an honorary capacity as a Senior Fellow. We will be arranging a formal farewell for Pat towards the end of September. Best wishes, Mark GoyderCEO & Founder

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