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Corporation 2020

Pavan Sukhdev is an Indian economist and banker by training. He led the ‘The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity’ (TEEB) study which is a study launched by Germany and the European Commission in response to a proposal by the G8+5 in 2007.  TEEB is an international initiative to the global economic benefits of biodiversity. Sukhdev chairs the Global Agenda Council on Biodiversity and Ecosystems for the World Economic Forum, and was the Special Advisor and Head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative. His book ‘Corporation 2020’, is one which envisions Tomorrow’s Corporation: one that works with society to achieve common goals, such as increasing social equity and human wellbeing or decreasing environmental risks, while still earning profit. As reviewed by Hazel Henderson, Sukhdev believes that the transition to a green economy can be led by ‘Corporation 2020’. In his book, Sukhdev lays out all the viable changes in corporate governance, accounting, and management of innovation, technology, and supply chains, human, social and ecological resources that must happen in the next 8 years. He cites examples of such companies that are already emerging in Brazil, India, Germany, Spain, Britain and the USA. In the face of a rising population and the thinning out of our water, land and energy resources, the need for resilience is more critical than ever. Sudhdev says that if we are to avert disasters resulting from social and ecological imbalances, we can and must make ‘Corporate 2020’ a reality.

Much has recently been written about how a new wave of 'green' corporations is just around the corner, an endogenously transformed phalanx of knights in shining armour just waiting to rescue us. Pavan Sukhdev says 'not so', but he also shows with consummate skill and clarity what exogenous changes can be made, to re-engineer the 'social contract' between society and corporations in the twenty-first century." Achim Steiner, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme To read more about the book please visit Seeking Alpha to read Hazel Henderson’s full review of 'Corporation 2020'.

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