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Governance – my gut instinct

It started on a high altitude skiing expedition. Scientist and doctor Tim Spector found that he was rapidly losing his sight. The cause turned to be a small stroke. This prompted him to focus his research on the causes of strokes. In particular he began to analyse his own diet. To help him he had the twins’ database that he and his research team had accumulated at the Department of Twin Research at Kings College London. The result of the research was the discovery of the importance of the microbiome, the community of microbes that live in our gut, skin and body. He sums up his conclusions in these words, ‘I believe that diversity, both in the food that we eat and  the microbes we feed is the key. The trillions of microbes in our gut play an important part in digesting food and producing a number of chemicals vital for a strong immune system. We know that the greater the number of different types of microbe the healthier we can be.   Read the rest here.


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