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In the news this week August 27th 2018

Dear Readers, Below are a few articles published this week that pertain to the sorts of issues - corporate governance, leadership, sustainability, the future of work, tech and AI - that Tomorrow's Company thinks business should seek to fully engage with if it is truly to become a force for good in society. Yours, The TC team

  1. Are they real? Or are they bots? Amazon is paying its workers to tweet about how happy they are with their jobs

  2. A development to maximise the dividend delivered by ⁦⁩employee ownership by ⁦the Scottish Government⁩. Might the British government give similar support for English business owners?

  3. Dhara Khosrowshahi at Uber is actually approaching an IPO warning investors he will prioritise long-term growth that meets transport needs of cities over short term profitability.

  4. 'Tom Brown's Work Days'. Two years on from the election of Theresa May, the same old business debates are recycled in the UK, says Mark Goyder

  5. Does the march of technology mean that 'the grand moral questions of our age are not being decided by public debate, the law, norms, principles or the conventional tumble of politics'? Carl Miller thinks so, in an UnHerd article titled 'How technology sidelines the citizen'

  6. From our own website: The Accountable Capitalism Act - a legislative step too far?

  7. 'Automation and the Death Knell of the American Workforce'

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