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In the news this week August 6th 2018

Dear Readers, Below are some articles we've seen this week just gone, all of which reflect issues - in areas such as corporate governance, sustainability, leadership and artificial intelligence - that Tomorrow's Company thinks business should seek to address if it is to become a force for good in society. Yours, The TC team

  1. A profile of Fetch, a spin-off company from DeepMind, that wants to "democratise" Artificial Intelligence by retaining their financial independence - and so, they say, being of greater benefit to society as a whole

  2. Lego have launched their first sustainable blocks made from sugarcane – and they hope to include most products by 2030

  3. Mental health organisation Jami opens 'the coolest charity store' - a bike shop that also gives vocational and employment opportunities to service users

  4. Tech innovation is being backed - albeit by the government rather than by big business. '£51m UK Government backing confirmed for Compound Semiconductor CSACatapult in Cardiff'

  5. If AI shifts the emphasis from analysis to judgement, how do you develop judgement and discernment in leaders?

  6. From the heartoftheart blog: on change management:

  7. "We must all learn to be poorer, and most especially the prosperous West" says Giles Fraser. 'Consumer greed is making suckers of us all':

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