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In the news this week July 16th 2018

Dear Readers, Here are a few articles we've noticed this week just gone, all of which reflect issues - in corporate governance, sustainability, leadership and artificial intelligence - that Tomorrow's Company thinks business should seek to address if it is truly to become a force for good in society. Yours, The TC team

  1. On Monday, the FRC has released the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code 'which puts the relationships between companies, shareholders and stakeholders at the heart of long-term sustainable growth in the UK economy'. More here:

  2. The CBI's response to the FRC's new Corporate Governance Code: 'With the spotlight on the role business plays in society, it is important the Code continues to evolve to meet changing expectations and maintain high standards'

  3. Our response to the FRC's new Corporate Governance Code: 'The Code changes overall are to be welcomed, and we hope to see it drive standards of governance and board practice across the market.'

  4. Adidas vows to use only recycled plastics by 2024

  5. Global workforces will fall as the 4th industrial revolution gets under way, Siemens boss warns, unless governments and business help re-train workers

  6. 'Ten years on from a financial crisis often portrayed as caused by the greed of bankers, we are talking recycled carpets and alleviating poverty. It is a genuinely good thing.' An article on sustainable finance

  7. Inspiring, outspoken article on the American frozen food company COOK, which employs ex-prisoners, and his thoughts on business in general. 'Too much of business is driving our world towards catastrophe.'

  8. Video from the BBC about a "FitHome", which has been specially designed to monitor the health of disabled people, using sensors and artificial intelligence

  9. 'Automation isn’t nearly as disruptive as you might think'

  10. 'Jeff Bezos’s fortune has come at the expense of workers and society not receiving their fair share'

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