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In the news this week July 23rd 2018

Dear Readers, Here are a few news and feature articles we've noticed these past few days, all of which reflect issues - in corporate governance, sustainability, leadership and artificial intelligence - that Tomorrow's Company thinks business should seek to address if it is to become a force for good in society. Yours, The TC team

  1. In Canada, about 30% of food is dumped - and most of it is edible. However, startup FoodMesh finds someone who wants it - a food bank, a restaurant, a rancher who needs feed for his herd

  2. From Construction News: The government has published its response to recommendations made by the Carillion joint inquiry into the contractor’s liquidation

  3. Chartered Management Institute research says there are 5 ways to recognise and define you business purpose

  4. From the Evening Standard: Artificial intelligence 'could save Met £30m and put 545 police on the streets'

  5. Speaking of which, a sobering article in the Guardian about the hype that surrounds developments in Artificial Intelligence. “Right now, the discourse is so completely unhinged it’s impossible to tell what’s important and what’s not.”

  6. An article on moving disability up the governance agenda, which highlights the problem of disability disclosure among employees

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