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In the news this week June 4th 2018

Dear Readers, Please find a selection of news stories and blogs that have caught our eye over the last few days. All refer to themes such as corporate governance, stewardship, sustainability, AI/machine learning – themes which, we believe, must be steered in the interests of a much wider range of people if business truly is to become a greater force for good. Yours, The TC team

  1. From Monday's Daily Telegraph: 'Some of the country's biggest investors demand that bad bosses must repay their bonuses after crises or collapses to rebuild trust in British businesses and stop rewards for failure'

  2. Meet the Samoan businesswoman who’s making sanitary products more sustainable

  3. An RSA report says that citizens should be consulted about use of AI in provision of public services so their views can help steer governance in the best interests of society

  4. A couple of blogs from Tomorrow’s Company founder Mark Goyder. In the first, he looks at Singapore's approach to stewardship - one 'that stresses responsibility as well as rights, the long term as well as the short term, achieving impact as well as making profits'

  5. …and in the second, he suggests ideas for promoting long-term wealth creation - also the preconditions for restored trust in business. ‘Reflections on the Mansion House Trust debate’

  6. An article examining how new technology - including digital and mobile advances - can change the prevention and treatment of heart disease

  7. A CBI podcast in which the FRC's David Styles discusses the development of a new voluntary corporate governance code

  8. Finally, Sustainable Brands has launched 'the first-ever tool designed to help mainstream brands move themselves towards sustainability'

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