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In the news this week May 21st 2018

Please take a look at some of the stories that have attracted our gaze over the last week. Of course, the Royal Wedding has proved a big talking point, so it was nice to see that even the union of Harry and Meghan reflected (albeit only very, very briefly) upon the need for a new way to do business. And then there was the fallout from the collapse of Carillion and the two Parliamentary select committees that reported last week. Can corporate governance ever reform itself to reflect a much broader and longer-term idea of prosperity? These are the sorts of issues that we ponder at Tomorrow’s Company...

  1. An interesting point made in this article on social entrepreneurship: that the trend for purpose-led purchasing is greater among consumers in emerging economies than in developed markets

  2. A letter to the Financial Times: 'Governance failures at heart of Carillion’s demise'

  3. A healthy dose of scepticism here by Guardian writer John Harris that touches on ethical concerns surrounding AI: 'Ignore the hype over big tech. Its products are mostly useless.'

  4. The Royal Wedding’s other star turn was Episcopalian Church leader the Rev. Michael Curry. 'Imagine business and commerce where this love is the way.' Amen to that.

  5. PM Theresa May has challenged the NHS, health charities and industry to accelerate progress in using AI to quicken diagnosis of conditions including heart and circulatory disease, cancer and dementia

  6. A letter to The Times about the PM's speech: 'We must create an NHS capable of leading the “fourth industrial revolution”, not lagging behind.'

  7. 'Enough of Carillion culture,' says George Monbiot in the Guardian. 'Make bosses pay for the carnage they cause'.

  8. An article about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 'By finding better solutions to some of these challenges, businesses are not only helping to achieve the SDGs; they’re also opening up substantial growth opportunities'

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