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In the news this week May 28th 2018

Dear Readers, A truncated effort this week, since it started with a Bank Holiday - and, really, shouldn’t we all be doing more with this blessed weather than just ruminate on matters of corporate governance and the ethics of AI? …then again, it is possible to do so and enjoy a few halves in a beer garden. Thinking about it, it might even be possible to do both at the same time, though one suspects the subject matter might change sooner rather than later. Anyway, here’s a few stories – all relevant in some way to the business of tomorrow and how it might (or should) be a force for good – that have caught our eye. Sincerely, The TC team

  1. An article in the Irish Independent: 'Sustainability thrives as green marketing dies off'

  2. Where are the charities in the great AI debate? 'The implications of getting AI wrong are so far-reaching that decisions about its future cannot simply be left up to technologists.'

  3. A good article on Demos's 'Optimism Project' and how the doom and gloom that often pervades in society does not necessarily reflect what's going on around us

  4. A great story about how lens manufacturer Essilor, together with the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, is bringing its social business model to Africa. 'Around 2.5 billion people - 80 per cent of whom live in just 20 countries - need glasses but don’t have them.'

  5. A new study shows that AI technology is better than doctors at spotting skin cancer (paywall article)

  6. The European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) publishes new stewardship code, which aims to encourage best practice on issues such as ESG and human rights

  7. From the New York Times: 'Here’s Why British Firms Say Their Boards Lack Women. Prepare to Cringe'

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