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In the news this week October 1st 2018

Dear Readers, Here are a few articles published in the last few days that address issues - such as corporate governance, leadership, sustainability, the future of work, tech and AI, mental health - that Tomorrow's Company thinks business should seek to fully engage with if it is truly to become a force for good in society. Yours, The TC team 'Trust has to be as important as profit if banks and their boards are to regain their corporate legitimacy' 'AI faces public backlash,' says leading scientist - unless the businesses building AI, engage far more with society in its development. The pace at which major business institutions are moving to 100% renewable energy is amazingly encouraging. But it raises questions. Will supply be able to keep up with demand? And is government policy keeping pace? Leadership: why slowing down will help you speed up Incredible Edible: Yorkshire town's food-growing scheme takes root worldwide Can tech help to end energy poverty? There is an almost perfect inverse relation between how much your work directly benefits others, and remuneration. The result is a toxic political culture of resentment - an interview with David Graeber: 'An absence of ethics is driving our mass anxieties - Both Left and Right have lost their pragmatic, ethical approach to capitalism'

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In the news this week October 29th 2018

Dear Readers, Here are a few articles published in the last few days (W/C October 29th 2018) that address issues - tech, AI, sustainability, investment, leadership, corporate governance and modern sl


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