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In the news this week September 3rd 2018

Dear Readers, Here are a few articles published in the last week that address the sorts of issues - corporate governance, sustainability, leadership, the future of work, tech and AI - that Tomorrow's Company thinks business should seek to fully engage with if it is truly to become a force for good in society. Yours, The TC team

  1. 'Crowdsourcing in the age of artificial intelligence: How the crowd will train machines'

  2. Following last week's devastating fire at Primark's Belfast store, union says support for workers has been 'out of this world'

  3. From the Daily Telegraph: 'Britain faces an AI brain drain as tech giants raid top universities'

  4. Though-provoking piece in the Guardian: 'Britain’s shared spaces are vanishing, leaving us a nation of cliques'

  5. Multi-million pound business regeneration scheme in Middlesbrough - which offers perks like high-speed broadband, rent and rate incentives and free public health initiatives - gets its first tenant

  6. Article on mitigating unfair bias in artificial intelligence - 'instead of choosing between humans-only systems and AI systems, leveraging the best of human values and ability as well as artificial intelligence promises greater progress'

  7. A letter to the FT: 'Keep Unilever as part of Britain’s business inheritance'

  8. Rugby is the next sport threatening to sell its birthright

  9. From our own website: Get your game face off – in the workplace, we should all strive to show who we really are and say what we really think

  10. The UK has 360k accountants, which is 1 out of every 10 accountants in the world, as many as all EU countries put together. Of the 33.4 million workers in the UK, 1 in 92 is an accountant. Is this ruining the boardroom and the economy?

  11. Two-and-a-half hours of Elon Musk discussing AI and all manner of other subjects on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast

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