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It's the difference that makes the difference event at BT

We've just had an amazing summer - the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Games provided people in Britain with an opportunity to feel huge pride and to realise, even during challenging times, that great things can be achieved when we work together. We became truly global citizens, as individuals and as a nation.  Excellence came from everyone whether it was the athletes, volunteers or spectators.  We also discovered how much we could achieve by coming together, to celebrate the differences that make our society stronger and more capable in every facet of life.

But what are the lessons learned and how do we maintain this sense of pride?  How can our differences make the difference to us as a people and as a nation, as an economy and as businesses? Join us at this event and help create a "real time" New Year's Message to leaders in business, society and Government.  Together, we will articulate a vision that sees difference as a strength that creates value and can be translated into a new sense of purpose for our society and our economy.  We will set out a blueprint for a future powered by an engaged and included society and the responsible businesses powered by their innovation, experience and skill. We are delighted to be joined by Professor Ted Cantle, who will set out his vision for an inclusive and fair society 'beyond multiculturalism'; Kate Nash who will challenge us about why people hide their differences, Caroline Waters who will remind us why this summer was such an important stepping stone in our journey, Simon Langley who leads diversity and inclusion at National Grid and Fiona Woolf who is expected to become only the second female Lord Mayor in 2013-14. After the event there will be a drinks reception at the top of the BT Tower where you can meet old friends and make new contacts within Tomorrow's Company and BT.  This will be our way of wishing you a happy festive season and thanking you, in person, for your continuing support. Places at the event are limited so do please register in good time. Yours sincerely,

Tony Manwaring Chief Executive

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