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PurpleBeach launch

Tomorrow’s Company’s CEO Tony Manwaring will be speaking at the launch of PurpleBeach on the 25 April 2013. He will be chairing a small group working session on ‘Tomorrow’s Global Leaders and the role of Women’. PurpleBeach is a new forum that encourages diversity of thinking and promotes the topic of people innovation and accepts that innovation in business is underpinned by people innovation. Founded by Annemie Ress, formerly head of People Innovation at eBay, PurpleBeach aims to create a space that encourages reflection, fosters innovation and develops new perspectives on business. PurpleBeach’s website, which is currently in the soft-launch phase, features a number of ‘Postcards’ aiming to work towards the creation of this space. The launch is a 1 and a half days event featuring a number talks on a range of topics – including ‘User Centered Innovation’ and ‘Emotional Capitalists’ – film screenings and workshops. A number of authors will also be there, including Margaret HeffernanAlex Kjerulf and Kyra Maya Phillips. The launch is by invitation only, so please email to find out more.

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