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The Stewardship Edge - Roundtable 2016

On 17th August 2016 Mark Goyder, CEO of Tomorrow's Company, will be the opening international speaker at the Stewardship Asia roundtable in Singapore. This event brings together the Chairmen and CEOs of major companies and investment institutions from Singapore, China, India, Japan and the whole of SE Asia. For the last two years Stewardship Asia and Tomorrow’s Company have collaborated as Research Partners. The spirit of their partnership is to ensure that leaders of West and East learn from each other, as illustrated in a series of articles co-authored by Ong Boon Hwee, CEO of Stewardship Asia, and Mark Goyder. (

1, 2, 3) On this occasion Mark Goyder will be speaking on ‘Innovative practices in Stewardship, alongside: Mr Harald Link, Chairman, B. Grimm (Thailand) and Dr Han Seung-soo, Former Prime Minister, Republic of Korea (South Korea) “In a competitive world, stewardship is a clear edge that differentiates thriving companies, as much as it does for dynamic economies. Stewardship encourages an inclusive approach and a broader long-term view of building businesses based on values and ethos. In the process, stewardship benefits the stakeholders as well the community.”Explaining the thinking behind the Round Table Ong Boon Wee, CEO of Stewardship Asia said Mark will be drawing on the ideas in the ground-breaking report UK business – what’s wrong, what’s next and challenging business leaders in Asia to avoid some of the mistaken approaches to shareholder value that have done so much damage in the west from LIBOR and the banking crisis through to the recent corporate disasters at BHS, VW and elsewhere. He will also be drawing on earlier research on companies like Tata and Toyota which  he did for his book first published in India in 2013 on Rediscovering the Human Purposes of Business. He will describe the Tomorrow’s company Stewardship manifesto, an agenda that encourages the growth of thriving businesses that last. You can find more information about Tomorrow's Company's work on stewardship here.

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