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The Summer of Stewardship

by Mark Goyder So the summer of stewardship is under way. We have launched our new report ‘Why Stewardship Matters’ which shows how the ordinary person can start to insist on stewardship from the people who supply financial services. Vince Cable meanwhile has launched the review into short-termism. He has created a review led by the respected Professor John Kay. In setting its terms of reference he has picked up nearly all the issues Tomorrow’s Company has asked him to, including a fresh look at the responsibilities of asset owners and managers. Or as we put it, the demand side and the supply side of stewardship. Now we need ordinary savers to feel empowered. You and I can send signals to insurance companies, fund managers and pension funds to say we want them to be effective stewards. From next week you will find a new part of this site dedicated to creating stewardship momentum, with resources that help you ask the right questions of the financial services companies with whom you deal. The Financial Mail on Sunday is carrying a feature on stewardship this weekend, so if you are a Mail on Sunday reader, welcome to this site. Stewardship is the golden thread that binds savers, citizens investors, companies and society together in a positive approach to creating wealth for us all. You are now helping us sew that golden thread!

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