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Tomorrow's Company Annual Parliamentary Reception

Today, think-tank Tomorrow’s Company is celebrating twenty years of inspiring and enabling companies to be a force for good at its Annual Parliamentary Reception. At the event findings from the Futures Project and its vision for an alternative approach to value creation will be previewed. This approach recognises that people are emotional beings not calculating machines, that more success flows from effective relationships than from impersonal transactions and that to achieve something great takes time, which in turn involves risk.

We believe that for long-term business success companies must have:

  1. A purpose beyond profit and a set of values that are lived through the behaviours of all employees creating a self-reinforcing culture.

  2. Collaborative and reciprocal relationships with key stakeholders.

  3. A long-term approach that embraces risk. The Futures Project has looked at progress over the last twenty years towards this approach and there is a lot to be positive about. Many organisations advocate this approach in different ways, evidence that supports this approach is growing and companies are increasingly adopting this approach. However  the world is rapidly changing with a growing list of future challenges facing business such as environmental, social and geo-political challenges. There are also a number of worrying trends like low investment and productivity. Usually these trends and problems are treated in isolation. Tomorrow’s Company argue that they are connected and need a connected solution. Adnams is one of these companies and at the reception Andy Wood OBE, the CEO of the company and now a trustee of Tomorrow’s Company, will speak. You will also hear at the reception the first preview of the Futures Project report which has been led by Laurie Fitzjohn Sykes. Laurie has been reviewing who has won and who has lost over the twenty years since Tomorrow’s Company started and the results are intriguing. The final report of the Futures Project will be launched in early 2016. You can read the draft executive summary here: We would like to hear your opinion on how companies can be a force for good! Please take our survey here: Twitter: @tomorrows_co Hashtags: #forceforgood

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