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Update: 'A Blueprint for better business?'

Following on the launch conference held on the 18th of September, the debate continues on the forum pages at Please register as a member and contribute to the debate. Vittorio Colao, Chief Executive of Vodafone Group Plc, will start the forum discussion on Wednesday 26 September. Vittorio Caolao will be online at 9.30am and will propose questions and invite responses. He will be online again at 4.30pm for 30 minutes to review his posts and add his thoughts. Listen again to Vittorio at the launch conference: Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director at McKinsey & Company, will be online next week to post his questions and respond to comments. To listen to Dominic's speech please visit 'A Blueprint for better business?' will be arranging an evening seminar in November in central London led by Loughlin Hickey, former head of global tax at KPMG, who is a member of the Archbishop’s working group, to discuss using the framework of 7 principles in practice.

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